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Ammonites & Their Symbolism

The Symbolism of the Ammonite

Wherever man came in from the surf, out of the forests or burrows; as he crawled in, over and around this planet he found evidence of life that came before him. Myths, legends, superstitions and speculations that used the Ammonite as an Icon developed. The Ammonite was man's first Icon. The first universally recognized symbol of the complexity of life. The first philosophical statement. The first religious symbol.

Long before recorded time, all people, from all lands have been fascinated with the ammonite and the spiral that defines it. Drawn, painted and carved on cave walls, rock outcroppings and cliff faces from Australia to Greenland, Hawaii to Indonesia, early man has recorded the form of the ammonite, knowing that it had a special significance in the understanding of life. Perhaps from the contemplation of the spiral form; the broadly generated curve that grows proportionately ever smaller, reducing itself to nothing came the genesis of understanding for the concept of math or numbers. From everything to nothing and back again, symbolizing life and death, infinity to zero.

It is also a symbol of complexity - never ending and limitless.

The spiral is the symbol of man's journey to find the spiritual center and the God within. The spiral is an ancient, yet still universally recognized, cross-cultural icon for growth and evolution. Following the spiral you cross similar points with each cycle changing your depth of perspective.

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