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Cage of Stars

In this Place Forever...

8 January 1982
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My little place to hide...
abandoned hospitals, abstract concepts, ambient music, anais nin, asylums, bad boys, bad girls, bdsm, beauty, begging, being bound, being broken down, being caught, being caught off guard, being forced, being humbled, being seduced, being used, blood, blood fetishes, blood play, branding, breaking down, breaking mirrors, breath control, bubble baths, butterflies, candles, clive barker, controlled suffocation, crawling, creation, creative seduction, crying, cutting, dark music, dark photography, dark poetry, dark sex, dark things, dark whispers, darkness, dave mckean, deconstruction, deep thinkers, depersonalization, dirty sex, dirty talk, ebm, edge play, erotic asphyxiation, extreme erotica, eyes that sparkle, fear, feeling filthy, floating, forced submission, foreplay, fresh fruit, hedonism, industrial music, intellectual stimulation, interrogations, john santerineross, jungian psychology, kissing, knives, liquid, losing control, manipulation, marionettes, masks, masochism, masquerade balls, masquerades, mental manipulation, mental masturbation, mesh, mesh and lace, mind games, mindfucks, mouth sewing, mutilation, mysteries, naked flesh, neil gaiman, pain, pansexual, photography, piercings, playing in the rain, pleasure, pleasure/pain principle, power, power-plays, psychological mind games, psychological poetry, psychological thrillers, rain, rain on my skin, rape, rape fantasies, rape fetishes, razors, reconstruction, riddles, rose petals, rough sex, sadism, sadists, sangria, scalpels, scars, seductive surroundings, seductive voices, self-inflicted wounds, sensory deprivation, sex, sex appeal, sex in the rain, sexy women, shackles, smoldering eyes, soundtracks, steel, strangulation, struggling, sultry voices, surrealism, suspension, symbolism, talking dirty, the chase, the crazy boys, the crazy girls, the little things, the shadows, the takedown, the taste of blood, the taste of sweat, the taste of tears, thinking deeply, vampires, verbal humiliation, voice fetish, voyeurism, water, whispers, zentai suits