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He said he wanted her deeper than this.

There's no fun in swimming shallow water
and no challenge in the lack of fight in her eyes.

And he promised that when he was ankle-high inside her,
he'd bay at the moon to bring the swelling tides.

He wants her suffocated, after all.

He wants her to become the first victim
cut down the center and turned inside-out.

He wants her to intrinsically drown and still be able
to walk down the street with the full knowledge
that all the world's eyes were on her
watching the struggle.

All his life,
he'd waited for this moment as a starving hunter
in the search of desperate prey.

She knew he'd trap her within the memory
and be kept hyper aware of the moment
the walls caved in.

Yes, she knew.

And as he lifted the gun to take aim,
she'd already decided to crawl low in the grass
until she was close enough to lift herself to him,
lean her forehead against the barrel,
and wait...

... wait for him to pull the trigger.
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