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Blue Sky Junkie

She's asking for your forgiveness tonight.

It will be the only time the words roll off her lips so sip this one slowly and enjoy it when it hangs itself heavy from her.

That's the price she pays - all those years stacked in the hurried corners where she left you collecting dust like fragments of "she-wish-she-could-forget" memories.

She couldn't. Still can't.

And here she is in front of you - crawling on the floor like a dog. You can see it in her eyes, she's waiting for the kick to bring the rest of her mind to the floor.

Too bad she wasted herself away and became another junkie living on blue sky and air tasting like coal that almost became diamonds.

And despite it all, she knew she was too sober to sparkle like that - no matter how many mines she dragged herself through.

There are only two choices when she's clawing at your feet looking for redemption like this.

Either give her exactly what she needs and destroy her or give her exactly what she wants and walk away before that moment comes.
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