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Scheme Two: The Grab Bag.   
10:23pm 05/08/2008
The Grab Bag

Sixty Coins. One grab bag.  A thousand possibilities.

Coins are given based on a number of things. 

Payout Items Included (but are not limited to): A finished dare.  A clever statement.  Just because.

All possible coin payouts will be known in advance as they become available.

10 Coins = 1 Grab Bag Pick.
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The Eclipse   
02:43pm 26/07/2008
mood: thankful
there's no where left to hide
when the moon steps
into the silhouette
of the sun

and my world stops
to pay attention

i'll be blind
before this
is over

but they'll never realize
how beautiful i feel
in the brutality

its a small price to pay
to find a new dawn

and for the first time,
i feel like I am
somewhere i belong.

that is the secret
of the eclipse.
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Sub Rosa (Prose)   
02:47pm 22/07/2008
mood: tired
My mind walked me to the door
and I feel like a child on Christmas morning
every time I see you nailed to the concrete.

I'd be lying if I said I'd felt no joy in the moment
your eyes rolled back into your empty head.

And when you faded to gray, the best gift
was when you left me staring at the stark whites.

You always reminded me of winter - even when
you weren't anyone, anymore.

I was deliberate and I was not someone who chose randomly.

I told you that the night we met.

We walked the streets lined with the sparkle
your footprints left and when you smiled,
it made me want to claw myself blind,
having that become the last thing I saw.

When I asked if I could break you,
you turned to me and laughed,

"Try your best."

It was such a beautiful sound - a shade higher
than your actual voice, giving it a coating of childhood
innocence that couldn't be faked.

Maybe you were a child in some of those places
you invited me into.

... but if there were doubts regarding the truth
of you inward age, your eyes erased every single one of them.

Your darkest secrets were held in those
beautiful little prisons.

(I wanted to set them free.)

And the thought - breaking you to fix you - sent
something inside of me into a tailspin.

I couldn't tell you right away.

I didn't know how to tell you that what started
as a daydream slowly became an obsession that eventually
formed into a plan of your undoing.

Try my best...

If I asked you now, I have to wonder if you'd
answered differently.

Were you really ready for it?

See, you were looking the shut-down.

I was not.

What I wanted was your absolution yielding into
forced humility - yielding to me.

No - this wasn't just a coin toss.

This was a bet.
And you lost.
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Blue Sky Junkie   
02:49pm 17/07/2008
  She's asking for your forgiveness tonight.

It will be the only time the words roll off her lips so sip this one slowly and enjoy it when it hangs itself heavy from her.

That's the price she pays - all those years stacked in the hurried corners where she left you collecting dust like fragments of "she-wish-she-could-forget" memories.

She couldn't. Still can't.

And here she is in front of you - crawling on the floor like a dog. You can see it in her eyes, she's waiting for the kick to bring the rest of her mind to the floor.

Too bad she wasted herself away and became another junkie living on blue sky and air tasting like coal that almost became diamonds.

And despite it all, she knew she was too sober to sparkle like that - no matter how many mines she dragged herself through.

There are only two choices when she's clawing at your feet looking for redemption like this.

Either give her exactly what she needs and destroy her or give her exactly what she wants and walk away before that moment comes.
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02:51pm 16/07/2008
mood: thoughtful
He said he wanted her deeper than this.

There's no fun in swimming shallow water
and no challenge in the lack of fight in her eyes.

And he promised that when he was ankle-high inside her,
he'd bay at the moon to bring the swelling tides.

He wants her suffocated, after all.

He wants her to become the first victim
cut down the center and turned inside-out.

He wants her to intrinsically drown and still be able
to walk down the street with the full knowledge
that all the world's eyes were on her
watching the struggle.

All his life,
he'd waited for this moment as a starving hunter
in the search of desperate prey.

She knew he'd trap her within the memory
and be kept hyper aware of the moment
the walls caved in.

Yes, she knew.

And as he lifted the gun to take aim,
she'd already decided to crawl low in the grass
until she was close enough to lift herself to him,
lean her forehead against the barrel,
and wait...

... wait for him to pull the trigger.
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The Black Box - All Three Riddles   
01:25am 16/07/2008

The Black Box

NOTE: These are not necessarily in the correct numeric order.

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A Walk Down Memory Lane.   
11:23am 14/07/2008
mood: cheerful
I bought a new set of bookshelves about three weeks ago.

I was desperate for a place to put my books - considering I had about twenty boxes of books gathering dust in the basement from my move back to the north.

My Account at LibraryThing

As I unpacked and started to put away years of collected works, I realized something:  I have an awesome book collection!

It feels really good to have my books at easy reach again.

I'd forgotten how much I missed them. *laughs*
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The Final Riddle   
11:14am 14/07/2008
mood: curious
The Final Riddle

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The Elegy   
02:53pm 11/07/2008
mood: creative
i'm looking
to be pushed too hard
and stretched thinner
than air
so I can melt the concrete
in your eyes
into something
i can use

you think
you're the one
writing the song
i've been singing
so many years
before now
because you've discovered
the harmony
in my dissonance

this is not
some simple tune

it's a lament
- an elegy -
my ending
made into music

a measure here
is nothing but noise

- scattered dots unconnected -

if you finally unravel
how to carve
the ascension into me
the gift will be my tongue
wrapped in red silk

and I will be mute
from that moment on,
the composition
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02:55pm 08/07/2008
i need the absolution
in your heavy hands
breaking down
the layers
in my words
until there
is nothing left
but you
and a blank page
dreaming of
the rewrite.
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02:56pm 07/07/2008
mood: pleased
She's gone too deep.

That heave and gasp brought the color back to her face. You loved when her eyes sparkled like that. It's a shine that comes at only one time: when she's afraid.

Your pushed your thumbs back into the hollow of her throat. The air in her final choke sounded more like a desperate whisper. And yet, as she writhed under your hands, you found your thoughts drifting...

... what does that type of fear taste like to her? Does it have a smell or color?

This time, she'd nearly dislodged your left hand as she flailed against you.

I'd give it another thirty seconds for her to quiet...

You'd misjudged - the quell came quicker this time. Fifteen seconds, tops. Her body was still, her skin slowly fading to that lovely shade of pale.

Without breaking your pressure, you kept one hand at her neck and reached another between her legs and smiled.

She never could lie about what she loved.

As you released her, she rolled to her side, choking and coughing any air she could get back into her lungs.

After a few minutes of forcing herself to breath, she turned to you, "How long were you going to hold me there, you fucker?!"

You smiled and whispered, "As long as I wanted to."

And then as you leaned in to kiss her, she backed away for a moment and held your gaze, unflinching.

"You wanted to know the color... the color when i'm there..."

And without ever saying a word, she had walked your mind tonight:

"It looks like garnet."
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New Shiny Toys! :)   
01:23pm 07/07/2008
mood: curious
While scouring the web, after mentioning the wartenberg wheel - I meandered over to

The search led to me find something very interesting.  Something I may just have to buy.  *grins*

(Site Link Here)

It got me thinking of normal items made perverted.  It reminded me of a high tech, wimpy meat tenderizer. 

Now THAT, looks like sheer fun.

I'm sure they'd both be fun to play with but obviously the latter is a bit more extreme.... Just a bit. ;)
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Ammonites & Their Symbolism   
08:27pm 06/07/2008
The Symbolism of the Ammonite

Wherever man came in from the surf, out of the forests or burrows; as he crawled in, over and around this planet he found evidence of life that came before him. Myths, legends, superstitions and speculations that used the Ammonite as an Icon developed. The Ammonite was man's first Icon. The first universally recognized symbol of the complexity of life. The first philosophical statement. The first religious symbol.

Long before recorded time, all people, from all lands have been fascinated with the ammonite and the spiral that defines it. Drawn, painted and carved on cave walls, rock outcroppings and cliff faces from Australia to Greenland, Hawaii to Indonesia, early man has recorded the form of the ammonite, knowing that it had a special significance in the understanding of life. Perhaps from the contemplation of the spiral form; the broadly generated curve that grows proportionately ever smaller, reducing itself to nothing came the genesis of understanding for the concept of math or numbers. From everything to nothing and back again, symbolizing life and death, infinity to zero.

It is also a symbol of complexity - never ending and limitless.

The spiral is the symbol of man's journey to find the spiritual center and the God within. The spiral is an ancient, yet still universally recognized, cross-cultural icon for growth and evolution. Following the spiral you cross similar points with each cycle changing your depth of perspective.

(Information gathered from this article at
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Riddle: The Hanged Man   
02:28am 06/07/2008
mood: creative
Riddle: The Hanged Man

held tight to the skin
the stars are brought
to a boil
and left to blister
within the shade
of this black box.

You could ask Pandora
for the secret
of those falling stars
but she'll simply laugh
and tell you
to find the
hanged man
counting his days.

that is where
your answer lies


PS: If you are having trouble solving this - you can also read the article on the symbolism of ammonites.  You will find the answer there is the same.
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The Black Box.   
01:57am 06/07/2008

What's in the box?
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The First Key.   
09:42am 03/07/2008

Your first key is in this photo.  Can you find it?
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Quote: Imagination   
07:35pm 01/07/2008

"My imagination makes me human
and makes me a fool;
it gives me all the world
and exiles me from it

~Ursula Le Guin~

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Quote: Self-Reflection   
07:32pm 01/07/2008

And opening my eyes
I am afraid of course to look
--this inward look
that society scorns--
Still I search in these woods
and find nothing worse
than myself,
caught between the grapes
and the thorns

~Anne Sexton~

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02:58pm 30/06/2008
your eclipse blurs me
into a liquid pulse

and it tastes like fear

i'm memorizing where
the lifeline splits
me in two

when you touch me
my skin burns,
and begs

who knew
that your hands could
weave a web
of scars to match
this supernova?
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Controlled Collapse   
03:00pm 26/06/2008
mood: thoughtful
re-aligned into the
dark of your eyes
the silence becomes
a point where her reality
suspends fantasy

she’s crawling
through this seduction
of steel,
still-hearted in
your frame of mind
too stripped
to survive

but the shimmer
in her descent
will be sweeter
than spring

and before
it's all said and done
she'll give you poetry
for penance

it’s more
than a mirror
turned inside-out

for girls like her
is something
deeper than skin
and suffering

it’s a
controlled collapse
of an already
fragmented mind
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